Glass Fibre Mat

Centech Glass Fibre Mat

Centech Glass Fibre Mat or GFM is a 225 grams per square metre conformable glass fibre reinforcement that is comprised of individual glass fibres bonded together to form a continuous roll of material.

Once embedded into Centech PU the emulsion binding the individual fibres into the mat dissolves allowing these fibres to become ‘free agents’. The GFM can then be moulded and contoured to form complex details without the need to cut to shape, saving time and allowing the contractor to deliver totally joint and seam free details in the most critical areas of the roof.

Centech GFM is supplied as a roll of approximately 0.95m x 127m in size equating to approximately 120m². It is also supplied as Centech GFM 310 for easier detailing. Centech GFM 310 is supplied as a split roll of four in a box, each being 0.31m x 127m in size.